Spring 2012, Volume 12

Art by Fran O'Neill

Artist Statement: The before. The after. The happening. The day, that is today.

Organic, intuitive, improvisational; a color choice. Waiting for the (uncomfortable) image to hit. Hits what? The canvas.  Unpredictable moments of beauty. That’s life… Go towards the light – mixing, dolloping, mixing, scraping, mixing, and changing. Slow, slow, one movement, than the next. Many, many times. Life turns – unexpected death. Unexpected life. Clichés. What will I have for lunch? I can/cant believe he. She. I said. Thinking of everything. Formal qualities. Does it break and obey? Does it matter to anyone? It’s just a painting.

Systems – form a life of their own, encompassing, fighting for the right to be the last one standing. Breaking down, mutant forms, one death, leads to another reality of life. Wiping out of memory. Changes over time. Seeing, or glimpsing a hint of the under layers that once were, and that are now only.

Drips – fighting and denying gravity. Rotate - a quarter turn, or a half turn. Backwards.  Forwards. Sideways.  A square is undeniable - vertical and horizontal, the hierarchy equal. Balance the disorder.

Acquire a slow and unfolding of the image and memory. Monumentality and intimacy. All-in-one. The 'in' that is today. 


BIO: Born in Wangaratta, Australia, O'Neill attended Monash University—BFA and post-graduate work; New York Studio School's Certificate Program, and Brooklyn College—MFA in June 2012. In 2007 she was awarded a Joan Mitchell Foundation award. Solo exhibitions have been at John Davis Gallery, NY; Perimeter, ME, and recentgGroup shows at Cluster Bomb, Bowery Poetry Club, NY; National Wet Paint Exhibition, Chicago, IL; Double Spaced, Brooklyn College, NY and HAT Tavern Gallery, Summit, NJ.

O'Neill has taught at the New York Studio School, NY; FAWS, Atlanta, GA; and does private teaching.  She currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.