Fall 2014, Volume 17

Art by Valerie Jenkins

For Alternate Non-Flash Gallery

Image information:
I have no favorite animal (2009) mixed media
Penguins (2009) mixed media
Untitled (2010) – mixed media
Untitled (2012) – mixed media
Untitled (2012)– mixed media-2
Untitled (2013) – mixed media
Untitled (2014) – mixed media

About the Artist:
Valerie Jenkins was born in San Francisco in 1957. She joined Creativity Explored’s studio in 2001.

Jenkins works predominately with watercolors, ink, and colored pencils on paper. The subject matter of her art is varied but she usually prefers to draw from photographs. Sometimes she adds letters, words or numbers as captions in her drawings, which are colored in with pencils and watercolors. When Jenkins talks, it is as if she is speaking in the form of a poem. This
lyrical quality translates to the interesting lines of her drawings.

Valerie Jenkins’ work was chosen to adorn a limited edition pillow by CB2, our community arts partner, in 2011.

Creativity Explored is a nonprofit visual arts center where artists with developmental disabilities create, exhibit and sell art.