Spring 2011, Volume 10

Art by Ianthe Moul

Artist’s Statement: Personal emotion, as well as a fascination with ephemeral beauty and the complexity of the natural world, are the foundation for my paintings. Being an avid gardener, I have spent countless hours witnessing plant life cycles, and the constant interaction of plant and animal. I use bold acrylic colors and highly patterned brushstrokes to emphasize nature's ceaseless energy. I believe that the organic shape of the female nude fits beautifully with these exaggerated landscapes. When the subject is nude, in addition to having an aesthetic harmony with the landscape, she is vulnerable to her world, both physically and emotionally. My paintings represent an instant of beauty, fused with emotion that like every other instant is changed by time and nature.

To be born in Seattle was a lucky accident. Wide travel in the Northwest and the world have made me aware of place. I have been painting since 2002. Long before that I was interested in taking and developing pictures. The colors, patterns and textures of nature in my photos serve as a basis for my paintings in which I celebrate the life energy of nature.



BIO: Ianthe Moul currently lives in Port Angeles, WA., on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula.
         website: www.iantheart.com