Spring 2011, Volume 10

Art by Keith Moul

Artist Statement: Keith’s aim in processing his work is normally high resolution of subject and high saturation of color.  Individual circumstances may alter this intent, but he doesn’t mind some basic alteration on Adobe Photoshop Elements 8.0.

As far as thematic interests, his photos tend to fall into four main categories: Natural Beauty, including architecture, panorama and animal life (without human presence); Unintended or Indifferent Beauty (ordinary human activity that depending on how it’s viewed creates its own kind of beauty); Ugly Indifference (especially human clutter that depending on one’s view forces its beauty to be evident in shapes, color or texture); and Human Presence (peripheral and general, without identifiable individuals).



BIO: Keith Moul has published poems widely for more than 40 years. Recently Blue & Yellow Dog Press issued his epigrammatic collection, The Grammar of Mind. He's retired from 30 years in the insurance business and now writes, travels and takes photos with his wife, Sylvia. They have a talented daughter, Ianthe, an artist whose website is www.iantheart.com. Keith has been publishing his photos only within the past year, but if you search the web you'll find about 60–70 of them.