Spring 2012, Volume 12

Poetry by Julie Mariouw

Dust Like Stars

I crystallize
Sift down walls
Into crevices
Hide beneath your feet
Where I can breathe

Ride on lightning
Watch from above
As you implode

A moonbeam carries
Dust like stars
Reaches its arms
To the sun of

I pull covers over
Asleep in their souls
Give them
My promise to sing

They wait for me now
Bright as searchlights
Warm as gold
Nestled in
Folds of my mind

Where stars reassemble
Lightning breaks free
And dust can
Lay down its




BIO: Julie Mariouw is a former English teacher who has always had a passion for writing.  She lives in Ann Arbor, MI with her husband and two cats. Her English degree is from UM, and she studied teaching at EMU.  She has worked with children who have reading problems, but presently teaches adults to write. She also takes creative writing classes at a local community college.