Fall 2014, Volume 17

Poetry by Angel Garcia

Burnt Toast

In the morning—over a breakfast of burnt toast
and no butter, all the socks tumbling in the dryer,
mismatched and faded—one of us enters a room;
one of us leaves. The eyeglasses on the table watching
us come and go through finger-stained lenses.

For months we’ve mumbled past each other.
But tonight, my words heavy & wet like fallen
leaves left to be raked, I leave the front door wide
open and watch a cool breeze sweep away my one
last good objection. I cannot promise I won’t run.




Ángel García has lived in several cities throughout Southern California. He has worked in the field of education for several years as a tutor, residential advisor, instructor, and most recently as a campaigns coordinator for an education reform non-profit. His poems have been included in
The American Poetry Review, McSweeney’s, Connotation Press, RHINO, Solo Novo, Packinghouse Review, The Good Men Project and Miramar. A CantoMundo fellow, Ángel lives in Los Angeles, CA and is currently completing his first collection of poetry. .