Fall 2022, Volume 33

Poetry by John Tustin

The Crows That Gathered

In my youth I chased away
the crows that gathered under my window
to chat with me as they attempted to steal
a bit of what I was not offering them.

Time has killed all of my friendships
and I am so lonely now
that I call out for the crows to return
but they gave up me a long time ago.

Everything is still growing below my window
and I go out there to gather it,
then sit alone eating
until the weariness calls me to bed.

The sun in the morning is as white as a bone
and I squint into the distance,
searching the horizon for black wings
that now open and close in another place.




BIO: John Tustin is an exiled writer of poetry and love letters. fritzware/johntustinpoetry contains links to his published poetry online.