Fall 2011, Volume 11

Art by D.G. Adams

Artist’s Statement: For the last 12 years my work has been based on the celebration of light and form. This has led to abstract images which seek to depict concepts while showing the beauty of the light and forms around us. The purity of black and white with the clarity of photography suggests a reality beyond the image itself.


BIO: D. G. Adams (“Dennis”) is a third-generation artist, the son and grandson of painters and printmakers. Although largely self-taught as a photographer he was counseled and advised by Ansel Adams for three years beginning in 1968, the year of his first major exhibit.

His images are captured on film, personally hand-developed, and photographically printed in his own darkroom using an acid-free process. The silver gelatin prints have a wider tonal range than most other printing processes and an archival life estimated at 300 years.

Images and contact information are on the artist’s website: www.artdga.com