Fall 2011, Volume 11

Photography by Marcia Weisbrot

Artist Statement: "To be perfectly frank, I began working with paper collage because upper extremity problems forced me to stop sewing. I have been working with dress icons for several years—making sewn narrative constructions from paper—as an outgrowth of my work with artist's books. The empty dress is a suitable icon to represent women in this quest to explore female identity without actually using the body. (There's no shortage of the use of the female body—and that's a different dialog)."

"The collage pieces take this a step further, allowing me to create environments for each dress and explore the interaction between the dresses and their environments. And I'm still working with paper, which is one of my life long favorite mediums because it is so integral to our lives and provides endless possibilities."



BIO: Marcia Weisbrot works with paper, including artist's books, narrative paper textiles, collage and stitched paper; all of which describes her observations about female identity, both historical and contemporary.