Fall 2011, Volume 11

Poetry by Tim Tomlinson

 Morgan's Bluff

At dawn the gulls laugh again.
Pelicans lift from the pylons.
The Cuban whore retreats up the Bluff Road,
her sandals dangling from a finger.

Pink light separates the gray sky from
the gray sea.  Enormous pillows of clouds
form like the aftermath of great explosions. 
The water’s surface wrinkles gently. 

How pensive this daybreak, a grenade
without a pin.  A jeep’s lights flash on, it
backs out of the commissary.  The dawn’s
final breeze fades in a needling insect heat.

Two gray angelfish ascend …
… kiss the surface … … recede …




BIO: Tim Tomlinson is a co-founder of New York Writers Workshop, and co-author of its popular text, The Portable MFA in Creative Writing. He is fiction editor at Ducts. New fiction and poetry appear January 2011 in Pank #5 and riverbabble.